Ugly Cup Coffee and Salt Lake Climbers

As you may know, Ugly Cup Coffee is partnered with Salt Lake Climbers alliance to donate 5% of profits to protect climbing in the Wasatch Range. From January to August, Ugly Cup Coffee has donated $600 to protect climbing and advocate for environmental awareness all around Utah.

Gate Buttress Map in Little Cottonwood Canyon


Currently, the main goals of the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance is bolt replacement and sustainability of multiple areas. Partnerships with Access Fund and other Federal institutions will expand those operations in the coming years.

The largest project performed by the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance has been the Gate Buttress in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. They are currently trying to create long-term sustainability of infrastructure, sustainability of the watershed, and anchor/mark trails. 






Signs seen at Gate Buttress, Little Cottonwood Canyon

As of 2020, the Gate Buttress has more visitors annually than the 5 national parks in Utah, combined. That is a lot of people! That many visitors can have negative impacts on greenery lines, soil erosion, and other issues that could ultimately damage the ecosystem forever!

In 2019, the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance participated in 2,100 man-hours towards Gate Buttress and in turn helped with a lot of these issues. This work helped build trails and stairs, create signage to aid hikers, and remove potential erosion spots from Staging Areas.





David Drinking Coffee in Little Cottonwood Canyon

*Picture of David at Copperhead Boulder in Secret Garden, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.







 The manager of Ugly Cup Coffee, David, has been climbing for 6 years and donating time and money to climbing causes for just as long. Conservation of these climbing spots is just as important as climbing itself, so that is why Ugly Cup decided to donate to this organization. The world ultimately needs more efforts for conservation, and small organizations like these do not garner enough public money or attention without help. They heavily depend on Federal grant money, and frankly, that isn't necessarily fair. We should help out with conserving the lands we love and use, before they become so damaged that we are no longer allowed to. If you decide to donate to the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, their website is Salt Lake Climbers Alliance Website.








Staging areas are where you place pads or other equipment at the base of a climb. These places can be heavily eroded from the weight of said equipment, rainfall, and other contributing factors.

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